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Intersection Logs

I'm British, but spent nearly 13 years in Tucson, Arizona, working in the local astronomy industry. As a result, I tend to mix American and British idioms and spelling; I hope no-one finds this too confusing.

I have about as many books as a two-bedroom apartment will comfortably hold, which doesn't stop me buying more but has made me slow down a bit.

I write intermittently, though not for publication. Regardless of whether I'm currently writing or not, I like hanging out and listening to writers discuss their craft.

I enjoy pointing my camera it at the local flora and far-flung architecture; samples turn up in the journal from time to time.

My email address is in a locked post here, for spam-related reasons.

Behemoth 47
Thule(2008 NaNovel)
Dragonmaker(2011 NaNovel)